Monday, July 16, 2007

Trading Karma

Its always good to stack up on the good Karma while you still can. In some countries, when you are old you can trade your former goodness for money. This sounds a lot like sin-eating I blogged about a few days ago. Instead of a lifetime of bad deeds, the good guy takes on the points for someone else's bad driving. The system is obviously not smart enough to figure that a barter took place and the bad guy paid is way out of trouble.

In India, petty criminals often employ beggars to do time for them in prisons. From the beggar's point of view this is a good deal. He comes into free food and shelter for a while - maybe some money as well. The bad guy does not have to deal with any interruption to his business. This might be an example of collecting the wages of sin and making a profit on it.

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