Friday, August 10, 2007

Bottled From Tap

Those of us who with withstood the withering looks of bottled water drinkers as we fill our cups and bottles at the community faucet can now feel vindicated. It is a good thing that Aquafina is disabusing its customers of their illusions about the source of their water but more likely than not, their customers will not care.

Aquafina tastes different than tap water and taste is an acquired thing. If people like it enough, they won't mind paying for it.Despite the "full disclosure" chances are customers will stick with what they have grown to like or move on to better things like Evian and Perrier if they are passionate about not drinking tap water.

Bottled water is mostly about convenience - sometimes it is just hard to come by a faucet just when you are dying of thirst. When grabbing a bite on the go (for cheap) you will need to pay for water or go thirsty. Unless more public water faucets are made easily available, Aquafina and the like will continue to make their sales. Maybe that's what corporate control of water is all about - keeping a public amenity tantalizingly out of reach of the public.

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ggop said...

Saw a blurb on someone's blog. Someone who was attending a conference on global warming was appalled to see bottled water in glass bottles (Voss brand?) shipped from Norway served to all attendees. :-)