Saturday, August 18, 2007

Imagining God

I was a child when I first started to imagine God as an infinite living organism. The universe was the body, the planets cells and human beings sub-cellular and smaller structures. It made things easier to grasp and make sense of. Part of me has never relinquished this idea. I still find it a good way to make sense of my own life and the world that I live in. When someone said Tat Tvam Asi before, it never quite registered. With God modeled after an organism in my head it became an obvious conclusion.

It now made sense that a butterfly fluttering its wings in the Chile could start or stop a tornado in Japan, that you could control your fate and fortunes by wearing gem stones that channeled planetary vibrations to your benefit. The laws of Karma fit in perfectly as well. It would have helped enormously if I had a good foundation in biology, the analogies could have been much more meaningful. I had to make do with the woefully little I knew.

When God sighed, everyone felt depressed, stock markets plummeted, wars erupted, natural calamities befell people. And then just as suddenly God may have had reason to smile and we might feel irrational exuberance, the dot com bubble would start to grow larger and reflect the colors of the rainbow, millionaires would be made every minute in Silicon Valley.

To remain in the best mental and physical health made it easier to feel the sense of unity with the larger body of which we were a part. When physical or mental illness took over, we malfunctioned and acted contrary to expectations often to the detriment of the whole. This
alternate hypothesis has humans as sub-routines of a large complex computer program someone has written and is controlling. Maybe that is another way to conceptualize God.

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