Saturday, September 08, 2007

Time Saving

It take me about seven minutes to walk from the parking deck to my desk on the fourth floor. If the elevator does not show up with fifteen seconds I am set back by a three or four minutes. On most days, a combination of factors like when I manage to leave, the height of my shoe heels, whether I get the elevator or miss it by a whisker and the exact spot where I park my car will decide whether I can make it to J's daycare by 6:00 p.m. I like to give myself a thirty minute buffer so I don't have to race against time to make it at 6:30 when the center closes. To make my six o'clock target every minute counts.

Self-parking cars are already on the road. As I was sprinting from the reception area to my car one evening, it crossed my mind that it may be possible (and not in the too distant future either) to drive your car up remotely from a far corner of a parking lot to a spot that has now cleared up. This would reduce the time it takes to get your car. You could be wrapping up the day's last meeting and scoping out the lot from you computer. If you are lucky there would be an open spot right outside the main entrance. A few clicks later your car has moved several minutes closer to you.

People with good hand eye co-ordination from their video gaming experience would be able to do this with consummate ease but someone like me would fail to adopt new technology. I would still be trying to squeeze an extra minute out of the eleven minutes like they did in the dark ages. The strangest thoughts cross my mind when I am on my way to get J at the end of the day and time seems to pour out instead of trickle. Maybe having recently watched Blade Runner had something to do with it as well.

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