Saturday, September 29, 2007

Voting Lines

Some time ago, J wanted to know about who was running for President and who I would vote for. I explained to her that I did not having voting rights in her country but introduced her to the candidates in the fray via YouTube. After she had listened to everyone, I asked her who she might vote for if she were the right age. J was sure she wanted a President who would end the war. Interestingly, Barack Obama was her favorite.

She thought he was very "cool". I had to ask her why she did not care about a woman President - that would be a significant first too. Apparently, being a ethnic minority scores way above everything else. J loved his name in how it is different from everyone else's. She was able to identify more readily with ethnic minority than with being a woman. Being that I have an Obama fan in my house, I have wondered about who his grassroots supporters are. Besides the usual suspects (left leaning liberal types, ethnic minorities etc) he seems to have tapped into an unlikely pool -
singles looking to find like-minded dates.

Now, this is a substantial demographic that comes from across the political spectrum. Chances are that they may end up voting for him after the singles-mixer rallies are done. There is something Woodstockian (if not altogether cult-ish) about this movement. Clearly, the role of Facebook et al in the shaping and reshaping of voting lines cannot be underestimated specially with the young, wired and connected generation. You wonder if traditional pollsters and spin-doctors can even figure what all of this is going to mean for any given candidate.

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ggop said...

I heard a new term on TV the other day - Obama Girl. She has songs and all.