Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Run Granny Run

Run Granny Run, is a documentary chronicling the 94 year old Doris Haddock's bid for the senate so she can champion the voice of the average American who is tired of politics as usual in Washington. The story is inspirational to say the least. If a woman at her age could run for political office on a shoe string budget and walk the campaign trail, there is nothing to stop younger, better qualified people from doing the same. And that is exactly the message she wants to deliver to the American people.

The votes Granny D garners are from people who believe in what she stands for and admire her amazing strength and spirit. In the end, that is not nearly enough for her to win the election but she proves herself to be a worthy opponent of a suave, career politician like Judd Greg. This is a David versus Goliath story about an old woman running for office against a younger man; a veteran politician. It is also a story of how the symbolism of what someone stands for can become so powerful that it overshadows the real person behind it.

Doris Haddock does not have much more than an unshakable faith in her conviction that the average person can have a chance at participating and influencing politics in America. Even after loosing the election, Granny D comes out strong. She is able to lead by example, prove that raw determination can outdo the firepower of campaigns financed by special interest groups. That being able to connect to the average person does not take a career politician - another average person is all it takes. Finally, age is no excuse to for not making an effort to make a difference to society. A touchingly told tale with a very intimate feel.

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