Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Real Accounts

It is refreshing to read this blogger's honest, balanced and matter of fact take on what it means for a desi to return to India from abroad. Such personal accounts are the perfect counterpoint to the media hype around R2I which insult the reader's understanding of India with their skewed version of the story.

Elsewhere she talks about the joy of finding together time with her husband without guilt about neglecting the kids who can be with their grandparents. This sentiment will resonate with most desis because we are culturally conditioned to put the needs of our kids far ahead our own. Though a small perk in the grand scheme of things, its importance cannot be denied.

Being that Desis love to plan with care and execute with caution, an R2I shopping list comes as no surprise. We are decidedly a clannish people, if there is any cause, group, name or calling we can band under we will do so with alacrity. So there are specific schools for "R2Ier kids"

There is such a thing as "lifesyle-sickness" used to describe the longing to drive on US-1 while sitting in Chennai traffic. Its quite the turn of phrase and completely different from the other kind of lifestyle sickness - as in cardiac disease from poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

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