Friday, January 18, 2008

Application Types

Anyone who has ever coded an application or been in the thick of things when one was being coded by others would chuckle reading this blog post that compares applications to certain type of employees. I have to admit that I have seen all the types she has on her list and then some. My most recent experience was the totally "Clueless Guy" who was "Undecided" to boot.

The application's sole redeeming grace was that it guaranteed employment for hoards of developers, testers not to mention a few architects, analysts and managers - a cash cow if there was ever one. The party lasted all of two years and a close to two million dollars when senior management had an epiphany - Bangalore it expeditiously. I'm sure that it makes perfect sense to have a "clueless + undecided" guy in a different continent serving the business needs of your customers 24/7. This must be what they call smartsourcing.

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