Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Buying Luck

I have a fern covered in gold brooch and love the idea of wearing a real leaf as jewelery. Designed by nature, it is unique and one of its kind. The four-leaf clover pendant along the same lines is a nice idea too. I am not so sure about the "cheap good luck charm" part. I wonder if good luck charms retain their potency when they can be bought and sold at will. Or maybe it is an outmoded notion that fortune like love cannot be purchased; that it comes only as a reward for good karma.

There are stories of lottery winners who lost it all and those who managed to keep it. Being able to keep the windfall seems to require having "earned" it at a certain level and a genuine desire to pass forward the rewards of good fortune. Likewise, finding one's own four-leaf clover and preserving it in gold for posterity might well bring the well deserved good luck.

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