Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dating History

A co-worker's recent comment triggered this post. He is a very highly networked individual and that has clearly paid rich dividends in his career. He volunteers for a number of organizations and coaches kids for soccer. Rob is attractive, has a pleasant personality, is well liked and is really fun to be around in the workplace. All things considered, one would wonder why he is still single in his early 40s.

When conversation turned to dating and the pitfalls thereof, Rob said he wished he could review dating resumes before going out with someone, be able to get reviews and recommendations from friends, family and exes and finally how neat it would be to have all that information readily available online. His rationale was that most hiring decisions he has made or been a part of have been successful because one or all those data points were available for the candidate. His lack of success in the dating game is due to the absence of the very same information about his dates.

Though it sounded strange, it turns out that dating resumes are out there; both men and women have them. Some have logged their own dating histories. Elsewhere services and scams have sprung up around the same idea

What is missing is an integration of these things into a cohesive service. In an ideal world, someone like Rob would go to a or the like look up a profile, read the blurb and if it sparked enough interest check out references (ok, that may be a stretch) and review dating history. They can also apply for an interesting significant other position. The idea is what works so well for business networking can be used to make perfect romantic connections.

It is generally accepted that your success in the current job can be largely correlated to success on previous jobs. That is the best way to judge if you will be able to walk the talk. Likewise, the chances of someone who has a twenty year history of gravitating toward highly dysfunctional and abusive relationships is quite unlikely to do different now.

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