Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Honey Trappers

The sound of "honey trapper" has a wholesome, folksy ring. You'd expect a person engaged in this line of work to be outdoors, setting quaint traps for bees as they collect honey. Nothing could be further from the truth. As it turns out, honey trapping is for those who don't mind hanging out at bars and nightclubs in the evenings to snare cheating partners and spouses. Being outdoorsy is not a required qualification and it comes recommended as a second career.

Under the vacancies section of their Web site, the detective service is on the look-out for

"confident, bubbly, outgoing men and women with an ability to think on their feet."Becoming a honey trapper demands reliability, honesty and accuracy, it says, and because most of the trapping takes place outside office hours, it can offer "an ideal second career."

This is a little different from the old fashioned detective agency checking out if someone's suspicion about their partner's fidelity is well founded. Honey trapping is a much more differentiated and personalized service. The additional incentive of engaging a honey trapper has to be the deterrent effect. Someone who has been "honey-trapped" once is likely to turn wary and mistrustful in their next encounter.

The cost of cheating opportunity becomes that much higher. It might just make more sense to revive the dying marriage or relationship instead. It is interesting how the frailties of human character create niche service industries.

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