Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Asterix and the Falling Sky

I loved Asterix comic books as a child and was excited to introduce them to J when I saw one at the local library. As a fan of the good old fashioned Asterix fare, my disappointment was complete when Mickey Mouse and Superman made appearances within a few callouts of each other in the Falling Sky. That sentiment is probably shared by other fans as well. There should be some things in life that Disney cannot touch - no matter what.

Stuck with Asterix and the Falling Sky I wondered if I should read to the end and see if the political controversy angle about it would be fun enough to make up for the dejecting Disneyfication. Each time I tried, I remembered Asterix as it used to be back in my day. The placement of Obleix, Getafix et al next to Mickey and Superman felt like a terrible food pairing that left you with a royal stomach ache. There is only so much pain I could subject myself to for a trip down memory lane - I returned the book unread.

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