Saturday, March 22, 2008

Buying Or Renting

Found this article via MeFi on the myths about buying versus renting. One commentator says "At the very least, the tone of the article is a little bit bitter, a little bit ranty, and a little bit caps-locky." I would tend to agree simply because the author does cover the renting side of the story - I know from experience it is no bed of roses. Even so, I feel just a little bit vindicated in my decision to postpone buying until I know for a fact I will live and work in that area for a very long time.

I have always sensed a tinge of pity and condescension when I mention that I rent and have done so for a while. I guess that flags me as a delinquent loser. In their minds, it makes perfect sense too - I am a single parent, so I must not be able to afford it. They feel sorry for J for being saddled with a parent who is not able to make the American Dream come true for her. My aversion for brand name clothes and retail excess in general does not help my case either. I guess J must sense that vibe too because she once asked me if we don't have a home because we are poor. It took some explaining before she understood my reasons.

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