Thursday, March 20, 2008

Picture Imperfect

J is very photogenic and I am anything but. In the few pictures we have together, I look like a severely sleep deprived zombie with half shut eyes while she looks her normal happy self. It ruins the keepsake value of the memory and the image.

Very rarely do we get a mother and daughter picture that is a good enough to preserve. I don't do well with flashes, waiting for the photographer to get ready to click and cannot strike a "natural pose" to save my life - what an oxymoron. For the likes of me Methodizaz would be a great idea.

MethodIzaz is a unique photography experience. Subjects are unaware of the exact moment they will be photographed and of the photographer's identity. Instead, the subject is photographed completely naturally, living life as normal.

1 comment:

Suchi said...

It sounded like a great idea...until I went and checked out the site. The photos seem quite average.

I've found the best photos are those taken by a friend!