Monday, March 03, 2008

Subprime Primers

My co-worker was joking a few days ago about how he tells his family (which includes a six year old) each month after he gets his paycheck "Looks like we'll have our house till the end of the month". The "joke" was clearly lost on the child who had nightmares about becoming homeless. The wife got furious about his "sick sense of humor".

We all cope with stress differently and this man's way though not exemplary, must have had its merits to him. Being able to keep his home weighs on his mind and the only way he knew to make light of his anxiety has been clamped shut. I feel for him and I am glad I don't have a mortgage payment to deal with myself.

For those of us who don't have the smarts to make sense of keyword rich articles on the subprime crisis such as this, MeFi has help at hand. This comic book style subprime primer is almost at my level of comprehension though I started to feel rather dizzy towards the end. If you happen to be an "audio-visual" kind of person then this YouTube video would prove most enlightening. The more I read and hear about these things, the more I am convinced that Stephen Leacock's financial wisdom is what would work best for me.

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ggop said...

That comic was great. This crisis scares me. Although we haven't seen a real crash in our neighborhood, I know 50 miles east in the Greater Bay Area there are many empty homes.
I can only imagine what the situation must be in the square states.