Thursday, March 13, 2008

Two Indias

India Inc. like the proverbial glass could be half full or half empty depending on who is looking at it. The cornfield of opportunity that is India forms the former perspective. Entrepreneurs like Sridhar Vembu see it as such and make the best of it. The many challenges the country faces in including the uneven to poor quality of higher education is the half empty glass that Shashi Tharoor writes about.

Both perspectives are equally valid. To expect every entrepreneur with a promising idea to harness the best that India has to offer without getting dragged down by all that it seriously lacks is not realistic. Poster children like Vembu will continue to be the model (and inspiring) minority – they will consistently beat the odds instead of getting beat by them. Tharoor's prescription for change however might give the hard-working but vision-challenged majority a shot at becoming almost as successful.

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