Saturday, April 05, 2008


I watched a movie called Shopgirl recently. The story deals with the twists, turns and confusions of a modern romance. While it is not particularly great cinema, I did find a couple of sound bites to take away and even ponder over.

Voice-over at the beginning of the movie : She keeps working to make connections, but the pile of near misses is starting to overwhelm her. What Mirabelle needs is an omniscient voice to illuminate and spotlight her and to inform everyone that this one has value, this one standing behind the counter in the glove department and to find her counterpart and bring him to her.

What's true for Mirabelle is true for a lot of singles both male and female. There are wonderful people alone in their own worlds, longing for a companion. Though they live in crowded cities, they never seem to meet their counterparts until the unseen hand of destiny draws (indeed throws) them together. Until that happens, they orbit alone and overwhelmed.

And in the end : Some nights alone he thinks of her.And some nights alone..she thinks of him.Some nights these thoughts occur at the same moment. And Ray and Mirabelle are connected without ever knowing it.

So true of life after a break-up. You think about them and wonder if they have moved on and even if they have, if they don't also think of you sometimes. Some relationships are harder to forget than others. You imagine they find it equally hard to forget you. The thoughts of each other must happen at the same time, specially on significant, memorable days. And like Ray and Mirabelle, former lovers everywhere are often "connected without ever knowing it" .
I have wondered about the significance of such connections.

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