Thursday, April 24, 2008

Truth In Marketing

Maybe it was the unusual font that made me read the blurb on the box of Toasted Almond Cream Cake I picked up on discount at the grocery store this evening. It said "This sensuous Italian dessert us made with imported mascarpone and ladyfingers, then topped with amaratini cookies and toasted almonds. Almonds are an ancient food that were brought to America from Spain. They represent good luck and since Roman times have been thrown at weddings to ensure health, wealth, happiness, children, long life and romance"

I figured a nice dessert would balance the lack-luster dinner of yesterday's leftovers. But at a more subliminal level I was reacting to the harbinger of good luck and also the connection between the words sensuous and romance in the context of a decadent cake. I thought this was a fine example of copy that suggests positive things to the buyer without actually being untruthful. Since it was on sale, I had no way to tell if the clever use of words would prove persuasive enough even at its regular price.

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