Saturday, May 24, 2008

Birdsong Recitative

J, I suspect is beginning to understand the uses of technology. On our way back from the pool this past weekend we heard an unusual birdsong coming from the nearby woods and wondered what bird that might be. J said "We can record the sound and look it up. Then you'll know which bird it matches with". Made sense and I was not surprised to see that just such a thing existed in the market.

It is interesting how kids growing up in a time of immersive and interactive technology are able to make such effortless connections between real world problems and technology solutions. In my day, for the want of options a child may have imagined a magical bird whose enchanting song made you want to follow it until it lead you to its fairytale world.

J had a fairly robust imagination as a pre-schooler before homework routinely included projects that had to be researched on the web. It seems that the flight of fancy was cut short a little too abruptly and the moon no longer dines on stars to make a starless night.

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