Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reskinned World

Being able to alter one's view of reality at will would offer the much needed escape from it. A better option (at least at first glance) than psychotropic drugs. When we are all behind our rose colored glasses, feeling happy and peaceful about the world around us, we are likely to advance the cause of both collectively.

The only problem seems to be that the ugliness of "reality" would become unbearable after having re-skinned it accordingly to our preferences. We have never want to get off such a wonderful visual drug. Were it possible to implant a device so our brains would register only what we wanted it to, or better still reprogram us genetically so we never had to see the world for what it "really" is. This almost makes the concept of "Maya" comprehensible.

We should also be able to time travel after a fashion if we choose to re-skin our world to our favorite period in history or perhaps fast forward to a place and time that exists only in science fiction. The hacker types would presumably work on ways to hijack our personal paradises while spammers imposed theirs on ours. One person's hell could be another's heaven.

As with a lot of technology advances that seem likely in the near future, my only wish is to be dead and gone before any of this comes to pass. The internet and cell phone is about all I can take and still manage to keep my wits about me. Your mileage may vary.

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