Monday, June 30, 2008

Accidental Crafter

Anytime I am out of ideas for what J might do to occupy her time, we refer to her big craft activity book. Some ideas are quite easy to implement but most require some planning and having the supplies at hand. So I will cut corners and substitute to the point that the project looks nothing like the pictures in the book much to J's disappointment.

I have always approached craft projects as I do cooking. Something lying around the house or the fridge will provide the initial inspiration. I will start getting the ingredients with one idea in mind but improvise as I go so there is always a huge difference between what I intended to cook and what ends up on the table; between the idea for a collage or piece of bead jewelry and what ends up being created.

There are resources for cooks who want to know what they can get done with the odds and ends they have in the house. There should be just such a thing for the accident crafter as well. In the meanwhile, I find these lovely grocery bag projects very inspiring and there is definitely no dearth of them in the house. It would be an artful way of recycling an reusing them.

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