Friday, July 18, 2008

Declining Value of Critics

I always look up book and movie recommendations on blogosphere trusting the weighted average opinion of the amateurs a lot more than that of the professional critics. A blogger would be less likely to hold back or do the politically correct thing if they were panning the work of an establishment favorite. Conversely, they would be more unrestrained when showering praise where they felt it was deserved.

Bloggers have no need to be objective in their opinion. It is quite often to their benefit to discuss their personal connection with a piece of music or literature because a vast majority of their readers are not impressed by the art and literary criticism dished out by main stream outlets. For all their expertise and informed opinions they are not able to help a reader, a movie-lover or theater goer navigate their way to finds they would truly enjoy and cherish.

In short, a random bloggers who is not being paid for their opinion are highly likely to have one that is helpful for someone who is seeking one even after discounting personal biases and preferences. One restaurant critic writes about the increasing influence of bloggers in the field of critiquing. He says :

It appears that consumers no longer feel the need to obtain their opinions from on high: the authority of the critic, derived from their paid position on a newspaper, is diminished. Opinion has been democratised. In the movie world two sites are credited with decimating the profession.

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ggop said...

I definitely use jatbar a lot for bay area restaurant reviews. They go to all sorts of places unlike my local newspaper.