Thursday, July 17, 2008

Moral Compass

This article would be very interesting reading for any woman who in her marriage or relationship has felt unaccountably weirded out by a close female relative of her man. There is of course a whole slew of comments both on the Times article and on Mefi from extreme ends of the moral compass. A few of the more interesting ones :

I got a very Penthouse feel from her description of her first night with her brother. It reads like some sort of male fantasy, being able to seduce and make every woman jealous, even his sister. She sort of glossed over the feelings of guilt that come with breaking such a strong cultural taboo. Even assuming that, abstractly, what they did was not intrinsically wrong, the fact that physical pleasure overrode any doubts is creepy. The ability to dispense with emotional baggage like that so easily reminds me of interviews with serial killers - geoff

What triggers my bullshit detector is a 14 year old girl and a 15 year old boy doing some drunken fondling and having no awkwardness or embarrassment whatsoever the next day. That does not happen, family or no. Early teens get embarrassed and awkward over, like, shoelaces and hair. Let alone vest-rummaging. This is an adult fantasy of an idealized sibling relationship, presumably presented to up readership ("We've upped our readership, so up yours!") - rusty

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