Thursday, August 07, 2008

Extreme Beauty

I was familiar with some offbeat to downright weird beauty treatments but using a fish tank for pedicure is in its own league - maybe the snake-massage would fit in there as well. There may be many others as well. Makes you wonder at the extremes of self-improvement women can go to. Read this article about Botoxed brides that discusses this theme. Alice Wingall says :

As wedding season approaches, another crop of brides is currently immersed in a torturous process of self-improvement. It is hardly breaking news that women face daily pressure to look good, but most of the time this pressure is a background hum: mildly annoying for some, extremely so for others, but a hum, nonetheless. Then a woman decides to get married. A day looms on which she knows that she will be photographed, videotaped and scrutinised by everyone present. A slight paranoia ensues. And into this window of insecurity marauds an entire industry intent on feeding off the natural desire to look your best. That background hum increases in pitch and intensity, until it is a screaming chorus of, "But will your nail varnish match the flowers?"

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