Saturday, August 02, 2008


Foundlings is a long (and growing) catalog of interesting things people have found inside books. The two most memorable things I have found in borrowed books are a pencil sketch of a warrior and receipt for a hotel room in a non-English language. The sketch was lovely and I saved it in what used to be my scrapbook then.

The receipt had got me wondering who lived in that room, if they had read the book while they were there. If they had a companion and so on. The book had traveled far away from the public library down the road from me and had returned with a memorabilia from the trip.

There are many kinds of foundlings out there including a blog directory - a literary website providing links to literary sites, writer’s and poet’s personal sites, podcasts, and lit-blogs. You can find there the literature about deserts - a converse of Robinsonade or desert island fiction perhaps.

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