Sunday, August 17, 2008

Metrosexuals and Duds

Reading this article in Discover magazine on female starling being duped by pollutants to mate with duds made me chuckle. Wonder if the same factors are at play (give or take some) with human females and metro-sexual males - the kind of man who is in touch with his feminine side and not ashamed of it. Women seem to think this kind of man is a far superior mate than the alpha male neantherdal who looks incredibly crude in comparison to the somewhat estrogenized members of his species. Stacey Pressman sums up her issues with metro-sexuals quite succinctly in this ESPN article :

I really hope I'm not alone in this. And I hope the rest of the country is just as starved for a resurgence of masculinity. Mind you, this is not a call for a return to Bill Romanowski-brand, loincloth barbarism. But there is something to be said for masculine vigor, verve and fortitude, and maybe even a little endearing fashion cluelessness -- all traits that have been placed on pop culture's endangered species list recently.

Until masculinity is reinvigorated and no longer mistaken for brute force barbarism and general uncouthness, the modern woman is destined to gravitate towards metro-sexuals over "real" men only to discover like the starlings in this article that they are "duds" . And by the way, the ability to make babies is not proof of non-dudness - after all, humans are supposed to be a lot for evolved as a species than starlings.

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ggop said...

Maybe weekly pedicures or back waxes are a bit too much, but Stacey Pressman's yearning for "endearingly fashion cluelessness" of men is silly. She will be happy to see nerds in Silicon Valley walk around in
their corporate tshirts all the time. Nothing more dorky than that.

There's nothing wrong with dressing well for work or a date (yes, about time they make an effort)

Men have a less hard time at finding things that fit.