Saturday, August 30, 2008

Self Destructing Message

Absolutely love the idea of the Self-Destructing Message. I could think of a bunch of uses for it as I tested it myself.

1. Say you have the compelling need to be absolutely obnoxious with someone by way of email but know from past experience that after your rage dies down you tend to regret what you wrote. You have made sworn enemies out of lifelong friends because you let rage get the better of you. And yet obnoxious you absolutely must be. A message that allows you to let off the steam but disappear right afterwards is the perfect solution.

2. You know your best friend's spouse is cheating on them and hate to be the bearer of bad news. However, you have a sense of moral responsibility. This could be your medium of communication. The online version of burn after reading. You've said what you had to anonymously but they can't hold on to the evidence forever or worse trace it back to you.

3.You in that phase of a relationship when your significant other is perfection incarnate, you have never been happier, had better sex or conversation (before, during and after) in your whole life. This is the real deal or so you think. Now, at times like this people are known to say and write things that they want to kick themselves for later. The recipient has the life-long ability to gloat over your mush and feel good about themselves while you look like a prize idiot. A self-destructing message could help you channel your exuberance (irrational or otherwise) without fear of it haunting you for posterity.

Many more practical applications abound for this thing.

Of course, the fine folks over at Spiffy would need to do their content over a bit to make this work. There can't be anything about the message that suggests its self-destructive character because that would defeat its purpose entirely. In fact to be successful in any of the above scenarios and more, nothing about it should give away its provenance. What you get now is this with a subject line of Self-Destructing Message :

A friend (or foe?) sent you a self-destructing message.

You have one chance to read it.

Click this link to view message:

Service of
Note: Message may be deleted if not viewed within 90 days.

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chhavi said...

i love this! the concept is fabulous and i hadn't heard about it until i saw your post. It sorta reminds me of the 'howlers' in the Harry Potter books...