Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Male Mother

In terms of news this is really old, spun through endless cycles and wrung completely dry. But nice essay on the increasing permeable gender roles and parental identities specially in the aftermath of Thomas Beatie (The World's First Pregnant Man) childbirth. Ellen Goodman says:

..what made Beatie tabloid fodder is that in a he/she world of opposite pronouns and sexes, he represents the trans in gender, the mind-spinning possibility that gender is not either/or but both/and

NY Times columnist Guy Trebay notes in his column He's Pregnant, You're Speechless :

Partly a carnival sideshow and partly a glimpse at shifting sexual tectonics, his image and story powered past traditional definitions of gender and exposed a realm that seemed more than passing strange to some observers — and altogether natural to those who inhabit it.

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