Monday, September 01, 2008

Spread The Word

A few days ago, Survivor Corps sent me this mail :

If you haven't heard, Russia has been dropping cluster bombs on innocent civilians in the Georgian republic which has killed and wounded many innocent people. Survivor Corps is one of the lead organizations in the movement to ban cluster bombs and to assist survivors of this terrible weapon. I've put together this social media news release which explains everything.

I would be grateful if you could blog about this very important subject, it would help many people.

I am very glad to help get the word out and hope my voice and that of the many other little people in cyberspace gets heard over the din of corporate 24/7 news networks. An NYT op-ed column gives me hope though. Frank Rich says :

But now that media are being transformed at a speed comparable to the ever-doubling power of microchips, cable’s ascendancy could also be as short-lived as, say, the reign of AOL. Andrew Rasiej, the founder of Personal Democracy Forum, which monitors the intersection of politics and technology, points out that when networks judge their success by who got the biggest share of the television audience, “they are still counting horses while the world has moved on to counting locomotives.” The Web, in its infinite iterations,is eroding all 20th-century media.

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