Monday, September 29, 2008

Tweeting In Twaiku

I have had a Twitter profile for quite sometime how but had not been using it. As with a lot of people, I had not grasped the point of micro-blogging. Then I read this interview with Michael Lapp. There were quite a few new things I learned. Some of the more interesting questions (and answers) :

In which the concept and potential of @names is explained in 140 words or less

MS: Will @names on Twitter eventually become as highly sought after as .com domain names?
R: It's ironic that @names are simply reversed email addresses that drop the domain name. The concept of @names is much bigger than Twitter.

Uninterrupted tweeting can be a good thing if you know how to use it.

MS: Has Twitter ever been a nuisance? When (if ever) do you turn it off?
R: If Twitter is annoying you then you don't understand Twitter.

The only way to find out what Twitter is all about is to kick the tires yourself.

MS: How do you make your friends and family understand why you use Twitter?
R: I've given up trying to explain Twitter to people. The point is for you to sign-up and figure it out for yourself.

Whatever, else Twitter may or may not do for your social and professional life, chances are it will be enable you to master the art of confining your thoughts to less than 140 words. The only logical next step then would be to for everyone to start tweeting in Twaiku.

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