Friday, September 05, 2008

Wisdom of Mothers

I have found an answer (at best) or an animated discussion (at least) for almost anything related to J's education I've ever had to look for online . The problem at hand is a timed math test that her brand new second grade teacher is giving the kids. It appears that her brain shuts down under the twin pressures of time and competition. J is not a tough kid by any stretch of imagination and this timed test business is really pushing it.

My well-meaning neighbor recommended that I intervene so the teacher does something to ease her troubles but I figured, this might be an opportunity for her to toughen up a little. After all, the real world has plenty of aggressive, pushy people with really big voices and she'll need to survive and make herself heard above the din.

Even as I made that decision, I was troubled by it. What if J needed more help coping with this than I thought she did ? Was I making the right choice by throwing her into the melee and having her learn to swim on her own ? Were there other kids in her shoes ? In short, what was the wisdom of the crowds on this issue - namely, how do you help your child come to grips with the demands of a timed test and what did it mean when they were having trouble . I did not have to look very far to find out. As always, a vibrant support group was only two clicks away and I counted my blessings.


ggop said...

I liked the suggestions in the forum you linked to. BTW is this part of no child left behind? I'm surprised they are doing it so young. Even the Kumon method gives worksheets and does not give timers iirc.

Heartcrossings said...

ggop - Not sure if this is part of no child left behind - very well could be. You're right this is one step over Kumon