Monday, October 06, 2008

Smart Desi Defined

I am always eager to learn a desi bro's perspective on anything that he may deign to have one on. While I am frequently disappointed for my troubles, every once in a while, someone will say something that is will make me stop and think. Case in point is this observation by SivaKumar Nadarajah over at Sasural :

In my opinion, majority of Desi techies who work for companies in the US, could still only be classified as Poor Desis. You still haven’t reached the threshold to be called ‘Rich’, unless you own your company and make more than a half a million dollars a year. The savings you have is not sufficient for you to be called ‘Rich’ and is not enough to go back and live like a ‘king’. The moment you start your normal life in India, the reality will strike you.

But here are some exceptions. These are the ones whom I classify as ‘Smart Desis’.

There were few folks who came to the US hell bent on the decision of going back at any cost. They never bought a house in the US. Never bought a new car. Never thought about ‘exploring’ the US, never bought into the idea of ‘American way of living’, and on top of that, they never bought anything new. They did smart decisions to invest their savings in real estate in India, bought multiple properties in India, rented them and made sure they had a steady income in addition to what they would earn when they go back. Now they, of course can go back and live like ‘kings’. Not me.

He concludes his post with some serious food for thought for every desi who has (or has not) thought of returning to India :

So my point is, poor Desi techies, like me, cannot go back at this moment. Rich Desis will never go back. Smart Desis can go back, and most probably will go back. So if you are a poor Desi, who is struggling to make a decision, then the first thing you should do is to become a Smart Desi. But there is a catch. If you become super Smart, there is a possibility that you could become a Rich Desi. Rich Desis never go back. Never!


ggop said...
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Anonymous said...

ur definition of" smart desis" reminds me of "typical desi" rather than a smart one. U never could be smart if u don't know how or the will to explore and understand the culture u have come to, well unless ofcourse the only reason u have come for is $$$$$. Now that's typical of desis is int it??
I can only hope one day desis will focus less on self worth through $$$ and embrace all aspects of life.