Saturday, November 08, 2008

Candy Tree

Until reading this fun article on candy classification I thought it was only one of two things - candy you liked and candy you hated. I find myself disagreeing with the classification almost entirely because of how Tootsie Rolls have been placed - below the lowest most level would be more appropriate as far as I am concerned. Then again, I don't care for anything listed in the top tiers either - except maybe for M&Ms. It would be interesting to rate and rank candy by popular vote. One blogger has come up with a nice rating system.

If you don't care for generic candy and stick to chocolate bars alone this long and exhaustive rating chart might be instructive. Candy must be good for stress relief how else can one explain the disappearance of left-over Halloween stuff people bring to work within an hour of their being laid out in the community bowl. On a bad day, even the worst candy-snobs will settle for offerings from the lowest branches of the "tree".

Along with candy-eaters, there are I think candy-hoarders - I have one in the household. J is not exceptionally crazy about candy but is prone to hoarding every last piece of it that comes her way. The only way to get her to share them is by replenishing what you took so her stash does not grow smaller. I guess she derives greater pleasure from being the proud owner of x pieces of candy than from eating any of it.

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