Thursday, November 06, 2008

Desi Fashion

This blog is an interesting read for desi women who are concerned about not committing fashion crimes and also for those who can't help commenting on such crimes when they see them committed. For easy reference, the blogger has identified the frequently occurring flubs of the desi sisterhood right on page one. When she does unleash her inner-bitch she does not hold back, words are not minced and I would say so much the better for the reader looking to glean some desi fashion wisdom minus the sugar-coating. Tell it like it is, sister.

While style and fashion advice is dime a dozen in desi publications targeted towards women, I have almost never seen anything that actually tells the average desi sister what dress and make-up faux pas she must avoid under all circumstances. Now, there are some columns that routinely
trash fashion-challenged Bollywood celebrities but all that bad-mouthing does not have lessons for the rest of us regular folk. It's nice to see someone has filled the gap even if she lacks the gentle touch or bedside manners. I guess you might call it tough-love.

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