Friday, November 14, 2008


Funny story about the rise and fall of a trophy wife. The "new" trophy wife is apparently one who is high-powered and high-income like her husband - it is the harsh economic real ties of the day that make it so. One political commentator calls a former presidential candidate a trophy wife and quotes another who compares him a Rorschach test. 

Steven Levitt has written about the economics of gold-digging (as it is probably practised by the wannabe standard-issue trophy wife) and it makes for very interesting reading. For anyone who cares about etymology - NYT has an article on the origins of the phrase trophy wife. Not surprisingly, the phrase trophy husband has an entirely positive connotation :

Fortune reported that more than one-third of the magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Women in Business” in 2002 had stay-at-home spouses. The magazine called them “trophy husbands,” not for their looks or charm but because they deserve trophies for trading roles to help their wives’ careers flourish.

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ggop said...

The pajamas media article was thought provoking.

I liken Hillary to the Indian activist Vandana Shiva. They have valid view points but both are polarizing due to their "shrillness" - Obama's strength is his calm demeanor.

For all the change messages, he is very practical and is surrounding himself with former Clintonistas.