Sunday, December 07, 2008


I am mom and got off the boat a little while ago. Even with that, I fully qualify for the FOB mom label. Today I found a blog just for people like me written by their kids - My Mom Is A Fob. They also have a place for the the FOB dad.We parents are apparently a niche of our very own and offer plenty by way of amusement to our bewildered children.

I imagine in time J and her Asian friends will write about their parents FOB foibles - I know I have plenty. I can see hows her exasperated "Mommy...."s can become a rich source of material. Not a week goes by when I don't do something that makes my seven year old roll her eyes in disbelief. Who knows, maybe my eccentricities have to do with being a FOB mom as well. The bloggers have a handy definition of FOB which with some minor adjustments for desi behavior who translate over quite nicely to define the Indian FOB

FOB stands for “fresh off the boat,” and is a term often used to describe Asian immigrants
who just aren’t quite on track with American culture. You know, if your family still eats Peking duck instead of turkey on Thanksgiving, owns a giant cleaver, and takes 20 more napkins than you need at KFC? That’s fob status — and for the record, we aren’t ashamed. My drawer at home is full of silverware… from Chipotle. My mother taught me everything I know.

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