Friday, January 16, 2009

Innocence On The Block

I could not help thinking how far womankind has come along as I read this story about a twenty two year old auctioning her virginity off for $3.7 m and that's just the highest bid so far. It is hard to think of the men engaged in this bidding war as anything but the most pathetic losers.

Not only is Ms Dylan the mistress of her own destiny with that kind of money at her young age, she has also in control of the terms of engagement in this multi-million dollar deal. Most importantly she has challenged the relevance of female virginity in contemporary society while making a mockery of the male obsession with it. In exchange for something that obviously has great cachet with a certain stripe of men, she will be laughing all the way to the bank.

She said: "I get some men who are obviously looking for a girlfriend but I try and make it clear that this is a one-night-only offer.

Apparently the deal does not make good business sense. Caveat emptor, but more power to the young lady for being able to pull this off. You wonder,if this trend may catch on. Feminists are not going to be happy should that happen. Their objection is around women being treated as objects and submitting to such treatment because it makes equality with men (who are obviously not objects) a more difficult goal to achieve.

Men have sold their souls for less money than this woman would make in exchange for her chastity. If women were willing to pay nearly this much for a man's virginity, it would not doubt go on the block as well. So, that would make "objects" of both sexes and level the playing field.

Until that happens, the feminist argument will continue to be that Dylan is practicing only another form of prostitution - even if a very expensive form of it. In doing so, she is setting a bad precedent that others may follow to the detriment of the feminist agenda. In a sense they are right. This kind of auction has been prevalent around the world and has been been the beginning of a life of prostitution for women.

The difference between what Dylan is doing and for instance a mizuage that one read about in the Memoirs of a Giesha, is about who is in control and who is benefiting from the "trade". Then there is the length of the arrangement itself : a one-night-only offer. Clearly, the woman's side of the deflowerment equation has changed quite a bit here.

Used to be that the virgin (often a minor) was no more than a pawn in a game where monies were exchanged by others (usually men) and she had no say in who she would lose her virginity to.That continues to be the case in many parts of the world to this day where the forces of poverty, lawlessness and social oppression conspire against women.

The men vying for Dylan, however are acting out of the same motivations that they have since time immemorial - nothing has changed there. Makes you wonder if the male and female of the species have evolved at a totally different pace.

Men of certain means like to boast about the cost of their homes, their cars, and their yachts. Several people have paid tens of millions of dollars for a few days stay on the International Space Station. So why not be able to boast of paying two and a half million for a night of sex with a twenty two year old virgin? The allure is the fact that the man was able to do it.


Ashish Gupta said...

I came here first time from Desipundit, so I cannot comment if that's your usual trend but your post amazed me. Your finding silverline in her selling her virginity as empowerment of women and blaming everything on men is great example of what extreme feminism can do. Your post is filled with your hatred of men (pathetic loser, obsession with virginity, selling their soul) for an incident on which someone objectively might find fault with her. I know that my comment isn't going to change much, but, what the heck, I'd spend a minute telling you anyway.

Heartcrossings said...

Ashish - Thanks for stopping by ! Loser because who in their right mind would pay to buy such a thing even if it is on sale. I'll skip the obsession piece as that has been well documented in the annals of history around the world and this auction is case in point. Selling their souls - a figure of speech. Isn't is true that men have given up a lot including their morality to get that kind of money in one night.

The only thing I would emphasize about my POV is that I am not a feminist - I think their agenda is flawed. Men and women are very different so equality is impossible to define or realize.