Saturday, February 07, 2009

Modern Childhood

When J is bubbling over with news on our drive home from after-school care, I am usually able to share her excitement - it is what melts all the aggravations of the day away. That is the rule and then there is the exception.

Her buddy D who is a first grader and had revealed to J only a few hours previously that she wore Littlest Pet Shop bra - with padding to be absolutely clear about the nature of the said article of clothing. Apparently, D had flaunted her bra strap for J and some others to check out. Another first grader K was also "into this bra thing" as J put it.

Being the backward, culturally challenged FOB mom that I am, I was not sure J had got her facts straight and made sure to Google the kindergarten lingerie item that she had mentioned and was shocked to find that it did indeed exist.

Fact checking, done I was left struggling to come up with the most appropriate reaction to her excitement over her new found wisdom. Clearly both D and K had ascended the heights of coolness for revealing bra straps at under seven. While I was rehearsing the best message to convey to J, I asked her what she thought of it.

"I think it makes them look like dwarfs" she replied. "How is that ?" I asked. "Because they want to be like big girls when they are really little". Thank heavens for the small mercies and giving children a way to understand their own world ! It allows Moms like myself to muddle through the parenting business even with the challenges a modern childhood presents us with.


vikasgupta said...

'Modern Childhood'! The title has more to it than meets the eye! You have a flair for the English language; I am learning from you, to be honest.

I get excited reading your posts vis-a-vis J. I am waiting for a good job (hopefully should get one by the end of this year, better late than never) and then I'll rush to my unrequited love to pop up the question. To be honest, my bachelorhood is killing me!I am also dying for a baby, a girl baby to be precise!

I hope someday I'll experience similar joys and angst that J has brought to you!

workhard said...

i think J is an intelligent kid, her ability to reason at a very tender age.

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ggop said...

I laughed at J's response. Very smart. :-)

Heartcrossings said...

vikas- I sure the joys pf parenthood will come to you too :) Just remember there is a lot of diapers to change and nights to spend sleepless before you can enjoy their cuteness..

workhard,ggop - I've always thought of J as a kid with an interesting point of view. I can almost always count on her to offer up an opinion I am not prepared for.

workhard said...

Im happy to know that u as a parent respect your kids opinion.. my parents hardly did, as a matterof fact, they still treat me like a two year old whose opinion dont matter