Thursday, March 12, 2009

Old Connections

Found this blog while looking for a website for India's interior decor magazine Inside Outside - one of my favorite things to browse through growing up. I was in my teens then and dreamed about having a home of my own, decorated just how I wanted. In my mind, I would do and re-do the imaginary living room of the future hundreds of times, inspired by the high glossy images of interiors from Inside Outside magazine. I knew then that I had the homemaking gene which would dominate any other inclinations I had.

When I did get a chance to home-make, I plunged in with gusto only to meet an obstacle course on the way. I persisted nevertheless, knowing it to be my true calling - homemaking and motherhood was all that I sought and desired. I figure I do a little of both but making a living has become the over-arching theme of my life - something I had not really counted upon.

So every once in a while, I look for ways to nurture my homemaker cravings. Being able to browse through Inside Outside once again like I did in the old days would be deeply fulfilling.

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Vikas Gupta said...

I also have a homemaker in me! I hope when I am married she will let me do the needful!

I decorate my room with babies pics, quotes, curtains, tresses and whatnot! (even have a slideshow on my room on the blog).

P.S.: I documented the awesome JNU Holi as I ventured out after a decade of abstinence! Watch the firangs enjoying Holi! I even made a separate page for the fi-rang Holi! :)

Will read your yesterday's article after I am back from Rishikesh.