Friday, March 27, 2009

Shoes And Men

Sensibly chic shoes without heels are nearly impossible to come by so it is wonderful to see these beautiful Cinderella shoes. The lack of offerings in this segment never bothered me back in the day all I cared about was appearances. If they looked nice, I was willing to buy and suffer in the name of fashion. My closet over-flowed with cute, impractical, uncomfortable and generally cheap shoes - and I was a very proud owner. I would visit the cobbler with bags full of this stuff to have them repaired and that happened frequently given their poor quality. But who cared about quality when there was so much by way of quantity.

As with relationships, so it was with shoes. Used to be that if a man was witty, intelligent and attractive all other considerations were thrown to the wind. I was interested and would not flinch even if the terms of engagement required that he always lead and I only followed. I would not be deterred by obnoxious behavior and be perpetually ready to make excuses for any and all of his lapses.

Like those grotesquely shaped heels that threatened to permanently deform my feet, these men were deeply damaging for my self-esteem but I did not care. By when I had abandoned all my "fashionable" shoes for the ultra-stolid ones that I wear today, I had also had an epiphany about the wrong kind of relationship - and it was not a moment too soon. Like the shoes, these apparently fun, quirky and interesting men as its turns out are quite common place - there is nothing unique, distinctive or classic about them.

While they appealing from a distance, you always ended disappointed up close. They are an uncomfortable fit in the relationship and not meant for the long haul. There is I believe the classically beautiful and simple relationship just like these “Glue Cinderella” Kartell shoes by .normaluisa. How appropriate then that these perfect shoes invoke the Cinderella name.

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