Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Technology Pultizer

I have blogged about my enthusiasm for Politifact's concept and delivery before and was very happy to read that it was awarded the Pulitzer recently. Politifact is unlike the other finalists in the category in that it is more software application and web-design than it is pure writing. So, in a sense this would be a Pulitzer for the technology which enables getting the facts out to the readership in a simple yet compelling manner.

I wonder if they will come up with a category in the future to recognize thought leadership in technology specially where it intersects with those it already does. It could become a highly coveted incentive to excellence (as the prize is described), a way to stand head and shoulders above the crowd. It is one thing to land in the best part of the Magic Quadrant and quite another to have your application or solution bag a Pulitzer. There is a very different ring to "Pulitzer-winning" prefixed to a piece of software. You want to look at it a little closer. Some might even be more willing to trust this endorsement than that of pricey research and advisory firms.

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