Friday, April 17, 2009

Toffee Hunt

It must have been at least a couple of years ago, when a vendor who was service provider to the client I consulted for at the time gave me a box of toffees as a holiday gift. I loved the treat but misplaced the empty box before I had a chance to check out the label - for future reference. Ever since, I have been craving that taste. The taste of toffee have triggered a torrent of nostalgia because it took me back to my childhood - the taste reminiscent of both the Lacto Bonbons that used to be available in India at the time and also of my favorite desi sweets Sohan Halwa.

How something called the English toffee could resemble two of these two very unlike things was beyond me but it was a taste that set off an sharp bout of food craving. Ever since, I have been on the lookout for toffee - or that specific toffee. In the candy isles of grocery stores, gift-shops and sometimes even on-line. I did not want to experiment in the toffee family but sought the exact thing that I had tasted before. Not knowing what it was called made the search a little complicated to say the least.

There are many recipes to make toffees at home but I don't suppose I have any superior talent at candy-making than I have at baking (of which the less said the better). So, I suffered toffee-lust silently and never ran into a package that even remotely resembled my holiday gift. If you want something long and earnestly enough, it does come to you in end - and it so was with me and toffee.

A few days ago,while looking for a pair of sunglasses to replace my currently broken ones, I set sight on what had eluded me for close two years - a package of Cary's Gourmet English Toffee. I bought one without further ado and to appease J who decided that she may not like the taste of "this toffee thing", I ended up getting her some Lindt Truffles. In all, it was worth the wait for me.

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ggop said...

For a quick fix try Heath Bars available in your local Target. Very sweet for my liking though so try a small bar.