Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cooking Aids

Cleaning the stove-top after cooking has got to among the most unrewarding household chores. I love this utterly beautiful roll-up stove that I am sure make the cleaner feel a little better rewarded because of its looks. The idea of a drawer style fridge is nice too - less space taken, easier to find and use things before they turn into science experiments and hopefully not as much of an energy hog as the old-fashioned refrigerator.

What is a nice kitchen without a state-of-the-art indoor composter (I have blogged about this one before and the technology has progressed since then) Taking the trash out for me is a constant battle between good intention and laziness. It helps that J wastes no time to let me know that kitchen is "stinky" - she is a little neat freak. Some of the most creative gadget ideas for the kitchen are to serve the cooking for one need.

College and for several years after that I cooked for one and it was enough to kill the pleasure I found in cooking. No number of tips for solo-cooking or gadgets would change that for me. As far as I am concerned, cooking is fun only if it is for more than one. I am lucky that J has a sophisticated palate for her age. Kiddie meals don't appeal to her and neither do hastily cooked meals at home.To impress J, food has to be cooked slow and right - with love and attention. I am glad that she has high standards even if I most often fail to make the grade.

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