Friday, May 08, 2009

Words For Our Times

Found this really neat blog about news words to describe the times we live in. I will be following this one for sure - what better way to understand the world around you than to build a contemporary vocabulary. That I think I can do even if I am lagging by several internet years as far as newest, coolest consumer technology.

Here I am lusting an iPhone only to read that it is so yesterday - Handsolo is the newest coolest thing to have. Clearly, this is not the lag that one catches up with over time - the gulf just grows wider until one such as myself is left behind in the darkness. Thanks to
Schott's Vocab, at least I will speak the same language as those in the light.


Anonymous said...

handsolo was April fool joke from Qualcomm like google has been doing for quite sometime...

Heartcrossings said...

I guess I fell for that one because this kind of technology is already in the works - I figured someone had just taken the logical next step :)

Here is the TED demo of Pranav Mistry's work :