Monday, June 08, 2009

Alternative Medicine

It is heartening to read that alternative medicine is going mainstream in America in that insurance companies are willing to pay for such treatment. My personal experience with the medical system in this country has been mixed at best and I try to stay away from it as far as possible. Then one hears the horror stories from those who have loved ones suffering from serious ailments - along with the predominant themes of out of control medical expenses, there is also the one of managing the symptoms without root cause analysis or complete cure.

To me the later is the terrifying part - it feels like once you fall into the system, you can't always come out of it. It is not surprising that people will seek a better, less expensive way to deal with their illnesses - one with a finite end point in terms of time, treatment and money spent. Considering all this in light of the fact that about
60% of the bankruptcies in America are a consequence of medical bills makes you really wary about the system. It is about time that customers were given a choice even if critics of that choice dub it Snake Oil Science.

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Alternative medicine, channels man’s energy to the energy of the universe and creates harmony between the two.

If we were to examine alternative medicine closely, we would see that most of the alternative options available today have actually emerged from European countries throughout history. Individuals who took an interest in medicine would study under the assistance of an elder in order to learn alternative forms of health and apply it when needed