Saturday, August 22, 2009

Husband Plus Career

Maureen Dowd's caustic commentary on the wives of famous, philandering men has this one gem of an observation that any woman would do well to heed :

If you make your husband your career and you lose your husband, you lose your career, too.

A lot of women make the "ultimate" sacrifice of their own career, education and more to further the cause of their husband's career. When these men stray, the women as Dowd notes feel "doubly betrayed". While is she right in that observation, the reasoning is a tad incomplete.

The kind of women Dowd describes are not making a self-less sacrifice for their husbands. Often they funnel their own ambitions through the most suitable conduit for it - namely their husbands. Sacrifice is hardly the right word to use for such an action - betting or gambling is more like it. These ladies are betting that they have their money on the right horse which when goaded enough would yield the results they seek.

Sometimes, the bet is wrongly placed or worse the horse turns out to be willful and unmanageable. They might want to be more than the receptacle of another person's ambition and agenda. Such marriages are not necessarily the healthiest to begin with. Not surprisingly under the right amount of stress, the palace of cards often comes tumbling down.

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