Friday, August 07, 2009

Books For Kids

I have blogged before about my challenges in picking a book J will like, less find a a genre or two that will always work. I frequently defer to experts and follow their recommendations being that I have no recent experience with children's literature. Also as frequently, J rejects what I find for her though every once in a great while she'll love a book and want to read everything that author wrote. Saw yet another list of classics for children.

The first thing that caught my attention about it was the absence of C.S Lewis and J.K Rowling - I do find it hard to think of the Narnia Chronicles or Harry Potter as classics. Also, there was the repeat appearance of E. Nesbit one of my favorite writers as a child. There are quite a few books on the list that I have not read. Maybe now would be a good time to make up for what I missed out as a child and as a bonus, it way well pique J's curiosity to see me reading something at her reading level.

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Uma said...

Thanks for this list!Yes, I think I have some catching up with what I've missed as a child. Mine little one is just turning 3 this month, so she would have to wait to get her hands on these... I could in the meanwhile :)