Monday, August 10, 2009

Half Truths

I have been recently stumped by a question (actually a pair of them) from J - Are there more good people in the world than there are bad people. I gave her the optimistic world-view but was I sure I was right or even convinced that was the case ? Her next question was obviously - Why then do they always show only bad news. Why do I not hear any good news or about things the good people do?

To tell her why I thought the news cycles wallowed in the unhappiness of the world would quickly nullify what I had said about the inherent goodness in all people just a few seconds ago and prompt her to ask more difficult questions I was unprepared to answer. I could have of course recoursed to a shameless lie but was spared that option because something diverted J's attention. Parents lie and often with what seems to be good reason and yet there are consequences. Paul Graham has an insightful post on this topic.

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