Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Musipedia has got to be best relief for earworms that I have come across so far. Love the idea of searching for a tune that is lodged in your head for months (it happens with me once too often) and you have no idea what the lyrics may be, who sang it - or anything at all that may help you find the song on the internets.

The greater the abundance of helper resources online, the more stubborn my earworms tend to become - not much different from viral strains that become resistant to drugs used to fight them.The song that has been troubling me most recently did not show up in the database based on the tap sequence I entered. Maybe I did not get it quite right or the database is still its nascent stages. At any rate I plan on returning to try my luck again. This time I could try play the notes on the piano and see if that results in a better outcome.

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Anonymous said...

You certainly should also try the Melodycatcher: http://www.melodycatcher.com/
Play some 10 of the first notes of the wanted melody, listen, correct a note where needed and search. If avaiable in the system you will find a MIDI of the wanted melody and its source on te Internet