Monday, September 28, 2009

Saving Conversations

I am yet to fully grasp the value of real-time web, but learning the Twitter saves all its tweets and will make them search-able in the future makes it easier to see the value. Google's Sidewiki could likewise give search the point-in-time flavor it is currently missing. Browsing through tweets or comments on significant events after the effect will allow people to get a sense of history is an intensely personal way that is not possible merely by browsing through news articles and op-ed pieces.

Filtering signal from noise out of all this commentary and tweets (which can be horribly spam-ridden) will probably be an industry in itself. Given that most unmoderated discussions online degenerate into free for all slanging matches with people hiding behind their handles, it will be interesting to see how facts and opinions on any issue are weighed and valued relative to each other and in absolute terms.

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